Top videos when you lost it all at the casino

Top videos when everyone lost at the casinoTop casino loss videos are the most epic characters with different emotions and moments after losing. Let’s remember when we started playing in offline casinos and we all lost, what were our emotions. They were similar to the theme of the video, only not with everyone of course, but we wanted to do the same thing inside. When we went home with empty pockets or money to continue to feed the slot machines, eh, those were the days… Okay, here we go.

Top video losses at the casino

Of course, the first place will be the coolest character, they say it’s a millionaire who lost everything in the casino. His emotions are off the charts and he mocks the stupid casino workers. All the time repeats that their mouth was used by someone. Not for nothing he got into our top casino loses videos.

The next spot on our Top of Casino Losses.

A roulette enthusiast lost a lot of bucks and had a nervous breakdown. You can tell from the very beginning of the video that something is wrong with him.

This video presents the fails and people’s reactions to losing


I thought I was talking to a lady at first, but when she turned around, it was a man. He’s playing all his money in strawberries and pretending that everything is normal. He says he’ll be right there, when his wife answers that they’re evicting him from his apartment and there’s nowhere else to come.



This video shows several people fighting in a casino at once. Of course, imagine what it would be like to lose a fortune.


When I played in an offline casino, there were many cases, I’ll write separate posts later. People committed suicide and doused themselves with gasoline, smashed machines, all the time there were fights with the guards, one dealer had his head bashed in with an ashtray and wanted to finish him off with a fire extinguisher.

There were a lot of different cases, it’s not very funny even to remember…

Try to keep your emotions in check and behave more appropriately. You have to be absolutely ready to say goodbye to your money that you want to play with.

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