Top 10 Endorphina slots

Top 10 Endorphina
Today our article will provide the toughest game provider Endorphina, let’s look at the top 10 slots of this game provider. If he gives, he gives in such a way that you won’t take away as much winnings. The design is at a high level in all slots. Can give such a multiplier from the bet that you’ll probably solve all your money problems, but that’s not certain. Let’s go.

Top 10 slots from the Endorphin provider


The whole point of the slot is to catch the Minotaur on the fourth reel. When he starts jumping, cross your fingers and wait for him to jump as much as possible and match the top line. On the second and third reel, when the minotaur flies out, it usually gives you nothing. There is a strategy at one top – streamer, when the minotaur falls out, you need to jump with him, so more gives.

Minotaurus Endorphina


We conjure shamanim, catch wizards in hats, get free – spins! Slot can give a very large multiplier of your bet. The whole point – to catch the same pictures on the five reels in the bonus game. Then these pictures will start to descend on all lines and will skid.

Voodoo Endorphina

Diamond Vapor

The mechanics of the slot – all the same as in the voodoo, only when you start playing it, be sure to smoke a vape, so more gives. Actually very cool slot with a cool design. Catch 5 symbols – pictures in the bonus game and they will unfold on all lines.

Diamond Vapor Endorphina


The slot is made on the theme of twerking, in the bonus game will be a battle of chicks against chicks, who shakes more. It is necessary that when the bonus game began by selecting one chick, it is she who will shake you in matching lines winnings, then there will be levels of battle and huge winnings. You can not shake it yourself.

Stone Age

I don’t really like the theme of slots from the series – the Middle Ages, but, this slot is pretty good. In the bonus game, a special symbol as in Beech of Ra, which multiplies on the reels. If you were a big fan of books from novomatic, this is clearly your slot. All the same as in Book of Ra with a different design.

Stone Age Endorphina

Temple Cats

Basically again, a different design, and the mechanics of the slot as in stone age from endorphins and novomatica book of ra. True they say the most it gives when it does. I personally in the bonus game caught 9 retriggers and more than x1000 from the bet poured to me, so I recommend.

Temple Cats Endorphina


Geisha just can give an unreal multiplier from the bet, the main thing is to catch the houses and freespins will solve everything! I never could stand geishas, but you have to love them, then they will give you more. If the bonus gives the geisha glade, you’re a millionaire (but that’s not for sure)

Geisha Endorphina


Catch three or more lions and the reel begins! Very often throws retriggers, in the bonus multiplier of all matches x3. I spun it every day for a month and stayed in a huge profit. Maybe only me so lucky, but I saw a lot of people too, he played pretty well.

The King Endorphina

Mongol treasures

Mongol, that’s total lol, nothing more. But often gives a bonus game, if he gives you 5 Mongols, you elected budit. My experience playing this slot no more than x500 for all time. Many have caught 4 mongols in the bonus game, it’s x1000 and 5 mongols is x5000.

Mongol Treasures Endorphina


Slot on the theme of the beautiful life of oligarchs. In the bonus game there will be money to be matched side by side, then it will be a multiplier of your bet. As always, cool design and big line payouts.

Jetsetter Endorphina

Endorphina is the kind of game provider that can give you back in 1 spin, everything you lost in 1 year. This top, as always is made with a little humor and no water. If you’ll play this top 10 slots game provider Endorphina, you are sure to win handsomely.  Choose licensed casinos in the top 10 or under online casinos.

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I wish everyone success!

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