The whole truth about online casinos

The whole truth about online casinos

The whole truth about online casinos will be here if you don’t understand how online casinos work, what are licensed casinos, scripted casinos and how everything works and whether the owners have an impact on the payoff. Maybe you think they’re watching your game and tweaking your slots so there’s no payoff and you’re losing everything. Yes, it’s possible to do that in a scripted one, but there are also scripted ones that include a big payoff to placate new players. So let’s consider in order, how everything actually works.

The whole truth about online casinos licensed

Licensed online casinos, open not very fast and require a lot of financial resources to open such. Take for rent the original software, which is not very expensive, all the slots in licensed casinos are working on the server game provider. Therefore, in the admin panel, there is no access to the software and the payoff they can’t regulate in any way.

On the servers of game providers and there is an adjustment of the payoff, they say it is a regular random and all the same claim. Although I do not really believe in random, it may be true. Even if the new absolutely casino and you think you can not win there, it is not so.

Absolutely in new licensed casinos, at the first starts, people win huge amounts of money. If there was a pool in the casino, this would never happen at the opening of a new online casino. So I think the pool, as sad as it sounds, is not there.

What is the most important thing in a licensed online casino

The most important thing in the licensed online casinos, of course, is fast payments, user-friendly interface, 24-hour online chat and generous bonus policy, at a minimum. Also, very important, the availability of top game providers, so that there is something to play.

Verification of the gaming account, should take place without various complications and quickly. Many want to drag it out and demand various documents to withhold your payout or come up with something about not paying out your winnings. That’s why do a full verification when registering.

The casino, of course, should please you with different plushkas, usually this happens every week. Reload bonuses, free freespins, cashbacks and gifts for active players.

The whole truth about online script casinos

In scripted online casinos, things are very different. You do not need a lot of financial resources to open one, you do not need to request different licenses and fear for your reputation. Such virtual – casinos are opened every day and in droves. Fully available admin panel, where they can, at their will, adjust the return on each slot machine.

Usually the brand name is Vulkan Casino, why Vulkan? Because people played a lot in offline casinos of this brand and everything remained in memory. These online casinos with the brand name Vulcan, no relation to those that were, do not have.

With payouts in script casinos, everything is different, depending on the owner, he may be such that not a ruble you will never pay. And there are those to smear and payout will make the maximum and pay you a small winnings. Forget about a huge win at a script casino, to pay out, forget it forever.

If you want to play at a real licensed online casino – look at the website section of online casinos and the top 10 best.

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