How to start playing in an online casino

Как начать играть в онлайн казиноHow to start playing at online casinos, what do you need to do? How to win a lot? What to do so that not to go into deficit? Of course there is no way, okay, it’s all jokes and not jokes. I’ll tell a little information for beginners, who have recently started or want to start playing. Of course it’s better never to start, but if you dare, then this post will be just for you. I will not write all sorts of leftist information, only my vast experience will be some useful conclusions and little tips.

How to start playing in an online casino

First, before you start playing, think hard, are you ready to lose it all? Or try to control yourself on a certain amount lost? Don’t try to win it back further. Because if you start wagering, it will lead to a fatal and complete loss 99% of the time. If you’re not interested in all this and you’re burning with a huge desire to start spinning slots (slot machines) then let’s go.

The first principle is to choose a good casino that has been tested by many players and pays out winnings quickly. If there is a left-handed casino, it can drag out the payouts as it wants and not pay out your winnings.

The second principle – verify the account at once, upload your documents and wait for confirmation of the account. Ask the casino support, if you do not have a duplicate account and make a screenshot of the response from the support. That was not the situation, you won a large sum of money, began to withdraw, you were asked for documents, then said that you abuser and you have a lot of accounts on their platform.

First deposit bonus to take or not to take

Bonus on the first deposit any casino usually offers, you think, how cool is it. For example, deposited a balance of $100, received $200, so maybe you can still withdraw them immediately? No, after you’ve agreed to get a bonus on your first deposit, it’s already the amount you need to twist a lot of spins.

This is still half the trouble, maybe there will be a huge wager X 50, usually given with X 40. But, still can not play, exceed the bet, which is specified in the casino when you launder the bonus. If you raise, you can get absolutely all of your winnings cancelled and they’ll be right about that. You won’t be able to prove anything, from the series I was drunk, didn’t notice the bet, or my friend accidentally clicked.

My advice – do not take any bonuses, if you were automatically credited after depositing your balance, immediately write to the live chat to get it cancelled. If you think you will have a better chance with a bonus, I assure you, it will be a very bad idea and you will just lose everything.

How best to play online casinos

Never gamble on small deposits! You will drain them discreetly one by one and will not be able to win anything. The casino basically lives on such players. From players who like to gamble on small deposits. For example, you have 20 thousand rubles. You made a deposit of 500 rubles and you’ll make another 40 deposits of 500 rubles and roll in small bets and can’t win anything.

If you are ready to play for example with these 20 thousand rubles, make a deposit of the full amount at once, play for at least 100 bets in the slot. This will be about 200 rubles for a deposit of 20 thousand rubles. You will have a chance to win a more tangible amount and bet on the withdrawal.

If you play 10 rubles for a deposit of 500 rubles, you will win another 500 to 1000 rubles. You will lose back and there will be no desire to withdraw so much. Then you’ll just replenish and replenish. And then drain on small amounts, when at a distance you will see that they have become huge.

As always, I remind you, do not think to beat the casino, do not think to make money on it. Win a lot of money you can, but at a distance you will never be in the black.

Goodbye, everyone.

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