Bloggers are deceive people with casinos

Bloggers on YouTube have really gone crazy. Every other blogger agrees with an advertiser to advertise Vulcan. Or even worse, Chinese junk. And they’re not even ashamed to advertise any kind of scam. They don’t even blush when they advertise all sorts of scams. They rely on their loyal audience, who will gobble it up silently.

Bloggers are tricking people

Are you content makers okay? Why are you promoting a hoax? I’m back on the mega-blogger channel. The beginning of the video – I’m playing volcano now. He pours me, palms up, and I advise you this scam on my affiliate link. Follow the link and you’ll get rich. The worker thinks, “but it seems that my favorite blogger is not lying, you can go in and play. And then the worker writes comments how he can not withdraw or all loses. And is it true that his favorite blogger really plays there? When I read all this, my hair stood on end.

Usually 99% of bloggers on YouTube, these are corrupt people who are willing to sell their audience for a bigger check. Do not believe any of the blogger’s ads, they are advertised just a complete scam. If something suddenly interests you, check all the information about the advertised product. For Bloggers deceive people all too often. It’s easy to get caught in the ruse nowadays.

Bloggers PRing Scam

If you ever saw that piece of shit-blogger whom you watch at least once advertised Vulcan or his fart, unsubscribe and never watch this faggot, if once he wanted to divorce you, he will divorce you many more times. Do not create views, do not be caught up in the viral headlines and pictures to click to watch. Never put the likes and dislikes, even the dislikes can promote his video and he will cheat a lot of people.

Schoolchildren advertise their scam on YouTube

Everything happens very simply, a schoolboy buys a script Vulcan from 300-1000 $ makes a video that he made a deposit there, spins everything like making a look ludovodov and that it does not give him anything, then in the settings on the second computer puts complete horror in return, even noticeable by his words and emotions. Next, just fly out mega bonuses and combinations. Then he says, oh, I thought I had lost everything. In short, he plays a psychological role, saying that he raises a lot of money. And he further behaves in such a way that believe because he understands a lot of inexperienced, who may not believe.

Here’s the video exposé:

Then there will be separate posts with their channels, etc. Just guys, do not believe anyone, not even trust yourself, check yourself so as not to be deceived

In the meantime, instead of these scams offer you to look at the top really good quality and good casinos that you will not be fooled.

Goodbye, everyone.

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