Online casino streaming recordings

Записи стримов

Today we are presented with the recordings of streaming. What is online casino streaming recordings? Now it has become a trend to spin roulette live on youtube or tviche. And it’s specific people who are streaming. They boasted that they had found a way to get free traffic in the gambling niche. You can do it with the help of YouTube and Twitch, but let’s not talk about that yet. Why do not many people block their affiliate programs?

Online casino streaming recordings

Recorded streams online casino, to do very simple, the instructions and software will not write, I will divide even then more streams of this kind. Usually happens everything is simple. Writes some webmaster affiliate program, which works only with free traffic and tells them – I will drain your traffic by their methods, but you will not have to have a brain with the source of traffic and guarantee profit payments.

If the affiliate program agrees, he begins his fraudulent ways to get free traffic. That is, he begins to make records of streams. When he is well spammed on this site and there is no longer a normal conversion and normal media, he posts screenshots of the affiliate program in his little communities. After that, he says that there is a working scheme to extract free traffic. Beginning webmasters, arbitrageurs open their mouths and look at the screenshots and recordings of the streams.


What are the benefits of recording streams?

The next step is that he simply puts the sale of free traffic mining course from 20,000 – 50,000 rubles.All this comes after the online casino streaming records. Sells this crap to his narrow audience of 100-200 people. Also, he earns more on the naive fools and forgets about the site. Now he is looking for a new mine of free traffic. And after that in this way he makes two profits from his streams.

Maybe when I’m in a bad mood, I’ll make a very long article about it and try to kill these birds with one stone. The topic will be – who are the webmasters (traffic arbitrage) mining free traffic, how to divorce and earn huge sums in this topic, etc.

Do you want to learn more about how casinos and bloggers scam people? Especially for you, we made an article about corrupt bloggers. They are not interested in anything but their money. Not people’s problems or opportunities. Hurry over and be in the know.

Bye, everyone!

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