Rating of online casinos with a license

Rating of online casinos with license

The rating of online casinos with a license will help you find an institution with fast payouts of winnings. In addition, on such a platform there are a lot of games from popular providers.

To find a reliable gambling establishment, where winnings are always paid, is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it is realistic. The rating of online casinos with a license was created to make it easier to find a good gaming platform for betting enthusiasts.

What are the licenses in online casinos

It is possible to work officially only after obtaining a license. Without all the necessary permits, the institution will not be able to cooperate with in-demand providers.

Accordingly – the popularity of the institution will be quite low. In addition, without a license it is impossible to open a bank account. Therefore, the best online casinos 2021 have all the necessary documents.

Moreover, players trust institutions that have licenses more. All casinos that make it to the top of the best platforms receive official permission to conduct gambling activities. Therefore, users can not worry that the institution from the rating will not pay out the winnings.

In most of the world’s countries it is impossible to obtain a license. Because of this, online casino owners are forced to turn to countries where gambling entertainment is legal.

In what countries do the best establishments get licenses?

  • Malta. This is a rather strict country in terms of regulation of various online casino processes. Operators keep full records of all financial transactions. In general, if a casino has a Maltese license, it is worth trusting. All personal data and money will be reliably protected;
  • Curaçao. Quite a few gambling establishments are registered in this state. The advantage of this regulator is that operators are subject to soft requirements. In addition, casino owners do not have to pay any taxes. Therefore, the institutions that make it to the top get a license from Curacao;
  • Kanawake. The Canadian government has a neutral attitude towards gambling. In order to get a Kanawake license, you have to pay a lot of money, and only the top casinos can afford it;
  • Gibraltar. It is quite a strict regulator, it carefully checks each operator. In addition, all transactions must take place through banks in Gibraltar.

Most online casinos prefer to get permits from Curacao. The second most popular license is from Malta. Regulators from these states have fewer of all the requirements.

It should be noted that the Maltese license is respected in the UK. Therefore, despite the strict controls, operators often obtain permits in this country.

How gambling establishments get a license

The establishments included in the rating of online casinos with a license undergo the same procedure. In order to obtain authorization documents the operator must first leave an application. It takes a month to review the institution.

If everything is in order, then a so-called temporary license is issued, which is usually valid for six months to a year, depending on the supervisory authority.

After the test period, the regulator will check how the casino functioned during the reporting period. If no serious violations were found, the operator receives a permanent license with a mandatory renewal after 3-5 years.

Why should you play only in a licensed online casino

If you want to start playing online casinos, you should only go to licensed platforms. The fact is that only in such gambling establishments users can be 100% sure that they will be paid all their winnings. The rating of online casinos with a license will help to find such a platform.

So, why should you play in the licensed establishments?

  • High returns on slots. Slots of the best casinos in Russia have RTP 91-98%. Therefore, with proper luck, every user has a chance to win money;
  • Reliable protection of personal data and money. Hacking a player’s account is virtually unrealistic. The sites of the best 2021 establishments are protected using SSL encryption protocols;
  • Fast payouts of winnings. Only licensed platforms send money within the designated time frame. In addition, they withdraw funds within 24 hours.
  • Licensed establishments offer many different types of entertainment. You can find games from such “giants” as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Novomatic and others. Bets on these machines will bring not only fun, but also monetary gain. However, it is possible with the proper luck.

We carefully select each online casino and strictly “run” them according to the required parameters. Our articles can help you choose the best casino for your needs and financial capabilities. Comfortable gaming and a pleasant pastime at an online casino with good returns and increased odds of winning can all be found in our ranking of the best licensed online casinos.