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Amatic, this is the best casino software that I have ever played in my life! Depleted me once 50 rubles. rubles, and I think that, well, let’s play my favorite Amatic. I put 200 rubles in Kazanova autospin and went into the kitchen to make coffee. After I made coffee, I go back and find myself in shock. My casino balance went up to 10k. While I sat down in my chair, stirred the coffee, choked and already 0! I think well, everything is under control, now we can get rid of it!

I make a deposit of 30 rubles in the casino and go to the Wild Shark slot.  A couple of spins and I get a bonus of 200 rubles. The first spin of the bonus gives top symbol, some wilds and more retrigger on the next spin. I was honestly shocked, in the end, the bonus came out to X 600 with kopecks. On the balance of about 155 t. I think it’s okay, Amatik thanks, I go to the wolves, this slot (Wolf Moon). A few spins for 560 rubles and bonus! As a result, the balance is already 280 tons. mood was an hour ago, just bombovoe. I went back to Kazanova and 200-500 rubles to nil all drained! Not one bonus game was not! And now imagine Amatic often give bonuses, I just have no words!

Amatik attention

If the software in Amatica slot you quickly did not give a bonus in the casino, it can also gobble up millions without giving a bonus. You can spin it until they take you to the madhouse.
Another chip is in Amatic – this is when he first spins gives some top combination in a line, advice – close the tab with the casino! Does not? Close also a tab in the casino!)
He either first gives a bonus, or a series of kings, ladies – or the top combination, and then crash in the casino. And after that, more chances to win at the volcano.

I am writing on emotion, so to hell with this casino and to hell with everything. Goodbye, everyone.

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