How to win at online casinos

Выиграть в онлайн казино обман наперстки

Winning at online – casinos is certainly possible. How to beat an online – casino? The answer – no way! If you somewhere found a strategy to beat online – casinos, scripting volcano or win at roulette, you just want to cheat, like the last sucker in the 90’s in the street game “thimbles” (caps).  Yes, there is a chance to bring a decent amount of money, which you think can change your life at once, but this gain in 99% of cases can later completely break it.

How to win at online casinos?

How to win at the casino? I offer you the top 5 basic rules in my opinion:

Always change the bets and slots to have a better chance of winning.
When you see that the slot is playing and gave a bonus, you should check it 5-10 spins. If you started to “chew” – roll with it through the pain and inability to stop it.
To win, you also need to change frequently, and never play at the same provider of slots.
Make a normal amount of deposit. Do not put pennies, because very rarely a player can do with pennies promotion and win. Usually, he will always plummet.
Won above the deposit, bet on the withdrawal, through the pain that will break you to continue the game.

Example: Made a deposit of 10 -100 to rubles – play for 300 – 500, 500-1000, then there is a chance to bring a decent amount. With kopecks of 10 – 20 rubles, you’ll never see a normal winnings (a tangible amount). Well, if of course your goal is to buy beer, cigarettes and food, then win the casino, you get. True for some people and 100 to rubles, it’s like 1 to rubles, and for others even a million as for someone 100 rubles. So, depay that amount, which for you will not play a huge role in life! Never gamble on the last money, do not borrow money, credits and microloans to continue the game. Although, what am I teaching you, I’m going through it all myself: loans, debts, last money and spins. In general, good luck!

What casinos to play in? Which casinos are licensed and won’t cheat? Which casinos stand out in the market? At which casinos can I win?

Especially for these questions, we have created our own independent selection – the best online casinos. Our top are licensed casinos with good benefits and winnings. Our top contains all the information about the highest quality platforms.

P.S. while writing this post, was able to win and catch a bonus in gonzo, X 11, and so live)

Bye everyone, see you later!

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