Depression when you lost everything

Депрессия все проиграл

Depression when you lose everything at the casino has happened to every player. Someone after losing seeks solace in a “shot” (begins to drink). Some have suicidal thoughts. It happens when the money you lost was needed for some other purpose. Money that has affected your life or the lives of your family and friends.

Depression when you lost everything at the casino

When you’ve lost all your money, when you’ve lost all your possessions, you don’t realize it for a while yet. You don’t understand it and you don’t accept it. It’s called gambling trance; you think you were just a little short, and you would have hit the jackpot. And now you’re breaking down from wanting to win back, you can’t believe that you “blew it” yet. I’m sure all the players reading this post recognize themselves. Everyone is familiar with these feelings: shock, depressed mood, aggression, apathy towards life.

Gambling distracts you so much that you begin to lose family, social, material, and other values. You need to answer yourself the question, what problems are you trying to escape from by gambling! It is very difficult to get rid of a gambling addiction yourself, so when you have the support of your loved ones, it is easier to cope with it.
It is very important to psychologically restore yourself after losing and to engage your potential in the direction of self-realization rather than self-destruction, to actively engage in work (business).

Of course, not all players become pathological addicts. Self-sufficient people who have a high level of self-control play occasionally, for recreation. They do not spend much time in gambling establishments. They play for the amount they allow themselves to leave in the casino. Such people, with a “cool head” react to winning and they do not have depression when they have lost everything.

My recommendations

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How do you win at the casino and not be depressed when you lose? Look – how to win at the casino

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The most important advice: play with a cool head, for the amount, the loss of which will not affect your financial and moral state.

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