Streamers and traffic from YouTube

Стримеры ютуб

Streamers online – casino, are born like rabbits or Chinese, they multiply every day, hour, minute, second, while writing this post, there have been new streamers – grannyvzamazki and ludomikrozaim (sarcasm) in fact jokes are jokes, but this plague appeared a few years ago and entered a good trend, why is so well entered? Let’s break it down.


The essence of Sutiv story. In short, at one point, the king of the Luddomaniacs gave the go-ahead for streaming on the resource ttrblog. There was a whole group of hard ludomaniacs with Roltons there. He said, “You guys want to make some money? Let’s add their theme to the section streamers and start, I, in turn, will help you start to give you the traffic from your resource, I do not fold, all for posonov (his kind soul). There are rolltonami some choked and shouted, but here’s a theme, you can get traffic from ttrblog and translate to your own way.

The gang on a quiet wave gathered together, almost a brigade – a muzzled greedy seal, a single mother, a lover of older women with poor eyesight, an exhibitionist, etc. They all shouted at the little Sutiva, who did not hurt anyone and just wanted to do his job and get profit from the partners, and they all pounced on him, go away! The king decided to kick Sutiv out and wished him well. Sutiv, was cunning and clever, but he left thinking that soon you will hear more about me.

When they kicked out Sutiv, all the streamers started getting really smart, calling themselves affiylates, solvers of all casino issues, in short, serious affinity. Suddenly, at one point, the king looks at all this, and thinks to himself, gave them a finger, and they want to bite off the whole hand bitch. Closes the streamers section, wishes everyone a good mood, blocks it, and realizes once again that people are shit and bitching about spinning for funnies.

Everyone started hiding in their dens and almost stopped communicating with each other and are only looking for the best way to plaster on their affiliate link, to get profits and to catch the hype. In fact, they only catch the hype and talk a lot.

The Return of Sutiv

Suddenly, a Sutiv comes on all the screens of the Ludomaniacs. And he rubs his nose in the number of live viewers and subscribers. Sutiv had good experience with traffic before in social media. Sutiv knew and understood that they were mindless dumb animals and would rub their noses in it. Sutiv becomes a top streamer and converts traffic very well. The whole gang is thinking, why did we all shit on Sutiv back then? Sutiv would have probably helped us. And now Sutiv is being discussed. Now he’s the one they want to catch the hype from. Sutiv is doing fine, giving birth to new streamers, providing them with advertising and support.

Traffic from YouTube

So why is traffic from YouTube so good and has changed more than one miserable life? Traffic on YouTube is very good, as well as on classmates. This is a good audience, which gives a good conversion rate at affiliate links. More chips all will not tell you, there will be separate posts on YouTube with all the details.

Something like this.

P.S. And the king makes another pass and laughs at everyone.

Bye, everyone!


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