Random in slots

Random in slotsRandom in the slots? Already really funny, a bunch of idiots with water pouring into the ears of fools that there is random, then it does not, then again it is … What is needed for the player? Right! Information in simple language, understandable to him and without water! And all want to keep the players for whom? That’s right! For the naive fools, pouring into their ears every day that pop. Without water, I will describe how everything happens in online casinos and what a random.

Random in slots

Random in the slots, of course, there is, but only in your dreams and perhaps erotic fantasies. If there was this random as we all claim, everything would be completely different, I as a player with a huge experience in the online casino – I know what I’m talking about.

I will give you a small example of how licensed slots actually work and how everything happens. We have a lot of examples which are not even necessary, this is just a scam which cheats you hard for money, you can read about them in other posts on the site, okay, not the point. Let’s go!

An example of randomness:

Immediately I say, an example entirely without water, as I see slots and their randomness, for a huge experience in the online licensed – casinos.  Entered the slot for example – Cowboy Hat, caught 3 cowboy hats, it is in the slot bonus game let it be. Hat of the Cowboy gives you a normal winnings, you got excited, began to spin it further … That’s it, now you can wear a cowboy hat and cry that everyone has lost.

It is necessary after the bonus game, do 5-10 spins, if there is a pool, he will throw you coins and give more bonuses. If after 5-10 spins cowboy hat you did not give anything, well, a maximum of 20 spins, all, it is stupid plum in this slot. Change slots and game providers, I repeat once again, change! Then there will be a chance for you to win, but at a distance you just go to the bottom.


Random doesn’t exist, it’s all bullshit! There is by the way a very sweet trick, which I checked about 5 years ago at microgaming, many only now it has come to mind. If 1 slot plays at someone and gives good winnings and bonus games, then it will definitely play for you too, if you hit that time.

That’s what I can tell you 100% true. Check slots 5-10 spins, nothing gives? Change the slot. There is no random, there are slots which at this minute play well and no more. Just find it.

P.S. a little advice, play in those online casinos, where a lot of players play. At this resource, under online casinos, that is it!

Success to all!

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