Strategies in casinos

Стратегии в казино

Immediately I say, the strategies in the casino will be associated with licensed gaming providers netent and microgaming.  My vast experience playing this software, made some facts and strategies. No matter how much assurance game providers and casino owners about the total randomness, I would never believe it.  Here are a few examples from my own experience.

Strategies in casinos

The strategy in the casino 1.

You started playing one slot, you play for a very long time and at one bet, it gives you nothing and stupidly eats the entire balance. The first strategy – you change the bet above or below, it flies in a few spins – bonus game, not always it works, but often it really works. Already more than once convinced of this in my experience. Many people say that nothing depends on the bet, I say this is bullshit. From the rate a lot depends, especially when you change it often in the data game providers.

The strategy in the casino 2.

The second strategy, when you are heavily plastered in one slot, it does not give you a bonus game at all, you and change the bets, but all to no avail. You need to reload the slot and after a few spins comes a good bonus game. Again, it doesn’t always work, but it’s really a fact.  If this coincidence was with me once, I would not talk about it. This coincidence has happened hundreds of times before in netent and microgaming. So I don’t think it’s just a coincidence.

Scheme in the casino 3.

The third strategy. When you fall out – bonus game (free spins) do not need to instantly click start the game. Wait a few minutes and press start. Personally, I have such bonus games, were much more successful than I immediately clicked to start the game. Perhaps this software is so programmed that it understands every sharp click you make and how you play the game or not. In this I’m just sure, when you very quickly press the spin button, it eats very quickly with no winnings.

Perhaps the above strategies in the casino are just my luck… But, if it was a few times, I would not even think about it. And it has been a huge number of times.

Success to all.

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