Top 10 slot machines from Novomatic

Novomatic, the most discreet and favorite game provider of all players. For me this is the top 1 software for online casinos and offline. You probably have not once played these slot machines and remember the moments of winnings, remained in them. That is why we love them so much and always want to play these games. Each player used to spend days and nights playing machines like Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Columbus, etc.  In our top casinoNovomatic we will look at what the best slot machines from Novomatic, let’s go.

Novomatic slot machine – Book of Ra (Book of Ra Books)

Book of Ra, the top slot from Novomatic, which all players know. All you need is to catch 3 or more books, then the bonus game starts. It is very important for the bonus game to fall top symbols and give you a glade of them, then you can breathe and celebrate your winnings.

Book of Ra Mega Big Win

Once in the offline for a very long time and caught 5 hats in the bonus game. All around gathered and were shocked by the multiplier, and it is x5000. If you’ve never played this slot machine, then you’re obviously not a player yet and you definitely need to play it.

Slot machine Novomatic – Lucky Lady’s Charm

Lucky Lady Charm, is a madam who can bring you unreal charm with huge multipliers. All you have to do is catch the balls, they give 15 freespins with a multiplier of x3, in the bonus game often gives retriggers. If you give 5 balls in the bonus, there will be a x1000 multiplier and go reel.

Lucky Ladys Charm Mega Big Win

Personally, I have caught 2 times in my life 5 balls in the bonus game, I do not know why, but I usually noticed it gives often in the bonus 5 balls players. Caught offline and online, if you left this slot without attention, very in vain, play and look at these beautiful balls.

Slot machine Novomatic – Columbus (Columbus Ships).

Columbus, the machine ships have always called it and sat around the clock catching them and going to the seas. The whole point of the slot, catch 3 ships and go to sea for retriggers and wields. In the bonus game, the ships become wields. Usually gives always not big winnings, but often.

Columbus Novomatic

Very often in it caught bonus games and retriggers, very responsive to the change of bets, I have noticed it more than once. Yes, he always gives very little, but, in it should play with big bets, then will be and winnings and X 50 – X 100 big.

Novomatic slot machine – Sizzling Hot (Sizzling Hot)

Sisling Hot, all fans of this slot machine, call it a sevens. There are no bonus games, freespins and various plushkas. Everything is very simple, you need to catch a line of fruit or sevens. The multipliers for matching are very huge, and that’s the point.

Sizzling Hot Mega Big Win

Four times in my life I have caught five sevens, three times offline and one online. Usually always gives three or four sevens, although even without sevens, the glade of fruits will give you a great multiplier and will be a success. Even without freespins, this slot deserves a huge amount of attention.

Slot machine Novomatic – Dolphins Pearl (Dolphin Pearl).

Everything is basically the same as in Lucky Lady Charm, just a little different design, the mechanics of the slot machine is the same. You have to catch the pearls, and the dolphins will wield. Can give a lot in bonus retriggers, even usually everyone says, gives more than lucky lady charm.

Dolphins Pearl Mega Big Win

My experience playing it offline was catching over 250 spins in the bonus game, the multiplier was over x1500 I don’t remember exactly. Online, gave more than 150 spins in the bonus game, the multiplier was also big. If you haven’t played it yet, be sure to play the dolphin slot machine.

Novomatic slot machine – Sharky

Slot machine sharky, interesting because the bonus game will be when the ship falls out on the first reel and the fifth island. Then go on a trip for treasure, each time in the bonus game when the ship falls out, wields a boat and goes forward, until the evil shark catches him.

Sharky Novomatic

I caught 5 wilds in it in the bonus game, once in my life. Then only maxed me out to x500 at most. On the plus side, quickly gives the bonus game and long spins it, and if you catch retriggers in the bonus and will fall out on the first reel, then expect huge winnings.

Slot machine – The Money game (Bucks, Dollars, Game)

Very old Novomatic slot machine, one of my favorites, it used to be called bucks. Basically, the technique of the slot, as in Dolphins, Lucky Lady Charm, with a different design. You need three bucks and went bonus game with a multiplier of X 3.

Novomatic The Money Game

Used to be offline, hung in it very hard, caught 5 bucks in the bonus, that’s – x1000 would be and 4 wilds per line in the bonus game. Always advise, play it and don’t miss out.

Slot machine – Bananas go Bahamas

Bananas, the chip of the slot machine Novomatic in free – spins, there are given as much as 45 free games. Only there is one minus, in these free – spins, there is no multiplier. You need to catch three suitcases or more and go. Can give so many retriggers that the bonus game will last a whole hour.

Bananas Go Bahamas

I remember catching a bonus game once and sitting there for 40 minutes, waiting for it to end. Imagine if 45 free games and when he gives retriggers one by one. You can sit for hours waiting for the end of free spins at Novomatic.

Slot machine – Royal Treasures (Royal Treasures, Crowns)

Crowns, was my favorite slot machine at Novomatic. Basically, the mechanics of the slot as in Lucky Lady Charm, etc. But, that sound when you catch 3 crowns and the bonus starts with an X 3 multiplier, can’t convey that feeling of joy inside.

Royal Treasures Mega Big Win

I remember when I caught 5 crowns in a line, it was like a jackpot for me. If you’ve never played it before, if you get a chance, be sure to give it a spin.

Slot machine – Lord of The Ocean

Lord, an alternative to the Book of Ra, all the same in a different design. At a roll of three scatters, will begin to select the symbol, the main thing to give the road and go catch the glade.

Lord of The Ocean

For me, if I had a choice between bukufra and lord, I would choose bukufra. Many people said that in the Lord is much more lucky for them, to each his own, so to speak. Caught in this slot x500 once.

Slot machines (Novomatic) Gaminator (Gaminator) In what casinos to play

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