Playing Bitcoin casino

Биткоин казино

Bitcoin online casinos have become very popular and many high rollers choose them! What are the best and top bitcoin casinos today? Consider the top 5 casinos with instant payouts and a generous bonus policy.

First, we’ll get acquainted with the concept of “Bitcoin online casino

All bitcoin online casinos fall into two groups:

  1.  Hybrid online casinos. Their characteristic feature is the ability to make payments in both digital currency and bitcoins.
  2.  Bitcoin online casinos that are based only on playing with bitcoin cryptocurrency. In them, you will only play with cryptocurrency.

What is the main advantage of BTC casino?

The main difference from other casinos is complete anonymity. User playing bitcoin online casino will not need to enter their data. All cash transactions will occur completely anonymously. No need to enter passport data, name, card, etc. Since cryptocurrency is quite a common type of currency these days, Bitcoin online casinos are attracting quite a lot of new customers and potential players.

Top 5 Bitcoin platforms

  1. Vavada
  2. Rox Casino
  3. Sol Casino
  4. Izzi Casino
  5. Legzo

This is the best licensed top online casinos in the network, where you can play for Bitcoins.  Instantly withdraw winnings and enjoy generous bonuses. When these casinos make a deposit, you can not worry about your finances.

Why are these the top BTC casinos?

These online – casinos on platform softsviss make payments instantly, for example, see:

You made a deposit of 1 BTC, won 30 BTC, put on the withdrawal, in a few minutes, the money in your purse!

Other casinos have a completely different attitude. You made a deposit, they consider it already their profits and in any way will slow down your withdrawal.

Therefore, this Top 5 licensed Bitcoin casinos are the best online – casinos on the platform Softswiss.

Better than these Bitcoin casinos, to date, does not exist.

I wish you all good big wins and strong luck.

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