Top 10 Slots from Microgaming Provider – Microgaming

Microgaming top 10 slots, микрогейминг топ 10 слотов
Top 10 microgaming slots – microgaming, personally for me this is the top slots of this provider for today, where you can really win a huge multiplier, bring a decent amount of coins and become a very rich and successful man, as you basically dream. So, it’s time to get acquainted with Microgaming’s Top 10 Slots

Top 10 Slots from Microgaming Provider – Microgaming

1. Immortal Romance: Suddenly you can get blood from players for all the suffering. A little advice, when you fall out bonus game, choose 1 option bonus, and so see for yourself. I always choose the first option bonus game and slots are successful.  And that is why this slot takes first place in my top 10 slots mcrogaming.
Immortal Romance 5 капель огромный выигрыш в казино

2. Game of Thrones: These slots are based on the TV series, I did not watch the TV series by the way. I generally in my life watched only Santa Barbara, eh, there were times. When you roll out the bonus game, too, I usually choose the first (slots unrealistic can pile)
Game of Thrones слот выигрыш microgaming

3. Jurassic Park: There randomly on a roll of three bedbugs or rather mosquitoes, automatically selects a bonus game, the best I think when the dinosaur flies out and starts growling, I then growl too (so they say more gives)
Jurassic Park Slot микрогейминг

4. Break Away: By the way, my favorite slot in which the hardest to masquerade and won a very huge amount of money, about this will later be a separate post. Spits out the stick randomly wields on the reel. Very cool bonus game can last a long time.
Break Away slots слот огромный выигрыш в онлайн казино

5. Orion: Also heavily plastered in it and had his successes, can give a good glade of wilds in the normal spin and in the bonus game. Often gives bonus games.
orion slots микрогейминг слот онлайн казино

6. Burning Desire: Many times I put a decent amount of money into it, often gives retriggers in the bonus game, good payouts for the combination with a wild.
Burning Desire слот бонус онлайн казино

7. Playboy: I personally did not put more than X 200-300 in it, but it can be very strong shot especially in the second bonus, take the first or second when you open and get the bonus game.
playboy slots плейбой слот микрогейминг онлайн казино

8. Girls With Guns: It’s a shit, of course, I remember it a lot when I was playing these slots. But if it gives wilds in the bonus that move, can cool very pile, but always plummeted into it.
Girls With Guns слот онлайн казино

8. Avalon 2: I don’t really like the whole medieval theme. But these slots once played well for me.There was almost a glade of wilds and in the middle a bitch with a sword opened up, as I remember now. These slots involve passing different bonus games. In short, who loves to get caught up in different passes and loves the theme of the Middle Ages, these slots are for you.
avalon2 slot онлайн казино microgaming

9. Terminator 2: All the slots here are such that you have to catch a hot mod. At this point, the freespins roll out. It is necessary that they light up with fire, then you can shout and rejoice. But there are also regular ones. Regular ones without fire. In that case, you can safely plan to X 30-100 in these slots.
terminator2 slot microgaming

10. Pretty Kitty: Slots for special kitty lovers. The whole thing is that the first reel is filled with one kitty and all 4 reels with 1 kitty. And be sure that on all four reels they will unfold and you will be happy.

Play these slots from mircogaming. And then you are sure to get a huge multiplier from your bet.


This is the end of my Top 10 microgaming slots. I hope you liked it and that you enjoyed reading it. I also hope that you’ll get some good slots. If you liked this article, click here and check out my other top – Top 10 Casino

I wish you to have good slots and win.

Good luck.

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