Top 10 slots from the provider Netent

Netent топ 10 слотов, игровых автоматов провайдер нетент для онлайн казино. Slots top 10
Top 10 slots from Netent provider, consider the most popular and best slots of the game provider in which it is possible to win decently. NetEnt as they say many players – the best and most honest game provider in online casinos, I personally agree, NetEnt leading position in the top 1 for the design of slots and slots on the return of today.

Top 10 slots from the provider Netent

Dead or Alive

If you are a fan of cowboys and want to get a huge win at a small bet, this slot just created for you. The whole point of the slot is to catch – 5 scatters or in the bonus game to catch 5 wilds in one line, then you can book a trip to the islands, everything will be cool.

Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

Jack and the Beanstalk

All you need in this slot is a bonus game in which you have to collect bags, cockerels and harps! If it gives you a glade of harps, then you have a good life in an online casino. You may cry with joy when you see it, but it is not certain.

Jack and the Beanstalk Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Netent

Space Wars

Everyone’s favorite and very popular slot with trolls – aliens. One guru of gambling, made it very popular, now every player can not pass by the space and wants to catch a glade of crystals and shout CRYSTALS!

Space Wars Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент


To win the slot from NetEnt catch three wreaths on the first three reels and go! Wreaths can give and five, if it is too generous, then you need to catch wreaths in the bonus game. Many who have caught wreaths, said that then they almost went to order a wreath by themselves… But, really slot battle and you have to be ready to fight!

Victorious Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Netent

Creature from the Black Lagoon

The purpose of this slot from NetEnt is simple – kill the cache in the bonus! This will give you 10 extra games + wilds will reveal on both sides! You’ll be delighted, win a great multiplier from your bet and save the princess that kesha wanted, you know!

Creature from the Black Lagoon - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

The Wish Master

For the game, ranked #6 on my top, take the lamps, starts scratching, rubbing, whispering and stroking! As we catch the first magic lamp, the genie flies out and gives a symbol that will wield, multiplier or wield extender! Catch the top combination of three lamps – you’ll be lucky! They say to buy a lamp and scratch it when you play, then there’s a better chance to win a lot, but that’s always what? That’s right! Not exactly.

The Wish Master - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

Steam Tower

Guaranteed by all the ludoman, ludomanochki and theirs, okay not the point, but you catch the bonus game very quickly! The main thing you need hooks, hooks and more hooks! Very often throws bonuses, the main thing hooks and matches!

Steam Tower - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

Koi Princess

This place is occupied by the Chinese lady with the fish. Various bonuses, gives little, but gives often and can even give you! Rumor has it, when one ludoman koi princess gave a glade of wilds, he was subjected to sin, snapped and started handjobbing on her! Perverts, only one thing on their minds!

Koi Princess - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

Reel Steal

This well-deserved ninth place goes to Reel Steal. You just need to catch 1 line with a wild – machine in the bonus game and you’ll be shocked at the winnings! If you give the man with the machine a line in the bonus game at a normal bet, you can safely buy what… What you want or spend it on charity, such as a bird orphanage.

Reel Steal - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

Reel Rush

This place is occupied by fun lollipops with music for sleep. Only when you start playing a lot, you’d better turn off the slot music. In general, turn off slot music everywhere, it’s very mashing when you play! Play to Beethoven, I always do! If this slot gave a bonus, check it another 5-10 spins, he often gives a second bonus at once!

Reel Rush - Топ 10 слотов от провайдера Нетент

And I’ll say one last thing:

This is the best slots in my opinion from the gaming provider NetEnt.
This top is made with sarcasm and humor, I hope everyone understood.
Don’t get bogged down, always change slots and game providers.
Play to the music of Beethoven.
Look – casino rating.
And there will be success!

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