My dream and how I became a millionaire

Заснул и стали милилонером в казино

Today I’m going to tell you about a dream I had. I couldn’t fall asleep after another fudge, so I turned on some casino streamer and twisted my stomach. And he was nervously repeating, moving his jaw back and forth, thank you for the subscription, thank you for the subscription… But it turned out to be all right, my psyche held out, I continued watching in the bathroom and went back to bed and instantly fell asleep.

My dream and how I became a millionaire

What was that dream where I became a millionaire? I heard a certain voice in my head (thanks for subscribing), I went into a deep sleep. And bang! I found myself in an online casino Stargames. In this casino I make another deposit of 1,000 euros. After the deposit I go to the slot Book of ra from Novomatic. My dream did not end there. After that, then somehow I make the wrong bet and press spin of 300 euros. Next, I look angry that I mixed up bet, I spit all the swear words to this casino. But in my head I think – I need to do another spin, already I did not care, bonus game flies out!

I think I’ve become a millionaire. I begin to yell and angrily press the spin, the bonus game began, all but the last two spins were empty, even in my sleep I was bleeding cold sweat from it like a bitch, suddenly on the penultimate spin 5 men, full glade of X 5000, I all yell jumping hangs slot server not found, I shake and sleep and probably already shook all while I was sleeping, the server is connected and another 10-th spin full glade of X 5000 men.

When I heard the voice again (thank you for the subscription), I didn’t care about his subscription at all. I shouted with joy and thought that this was my day. I had been walking to this day for 15 years…  Suddenly I jump out of bed in a sweat. I can’t believe this is a dream. I go to my Stargames account in a delirium and I’m screaming all over the place. And my stomach twisted again when I remembered (thanks for subscribing). I really hope this dream becomes a reality in my life. That’s how my dream made me a millionaire)

Bye everyone, see you later!

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