Gambling, of course, is fun at first, but when your life completely goes in this direction, a little hell begins to break loose. Usually, all gambling people smoke a lot, drink alcoholic beverages, lead a very sad way of life. All goes into the background, the main thing is the excitement, to get all and at once farther, not to think what will happen then and what can lead to. When we gamble, we just don’t think that our life and our most valuable resource is time. Which we will never be compensated for.

Gambling every day

We think about it every day, how best to play next time, what bets to place in the hope of a huge win. We fantasize in our brains how we became a winner of a huge sum, that our day is sure to come soon. We forget that every day passes into the abyss, nothing new happens. We only think about how to win or get back our money that we lost. At work, at home, we think about it all the time. We don’t think that maybe we should do something useful, that life is one shot, we are completely addicted to gambling.

Our brain, it is built in such a way, that it wants quick huge money, while doing nothing. That will never happen, huge money comes when you are building some business plan, developing, testing ideas. Even if you’re terribly unlucky and you want to fold your hands, that’s an extremely bad idea. If you have bad luck, you get experience, you can do something next and there will be success. Usually people go back to gambling again after a bad experience making a lot of money, hoping that this is their day. If you have a lot of money, you will no longer be interested in gambling.

Gambling with alcohol and cigarettes

When we play, we start to smoke a lot, one after another, we smoke in a few sessions, the weekly norm of a regular smoker at least. This is another half of the problem, we start drinking a lot, from nerves even alcohol does not get us drunk, but it hits the liver hard, we can drink a liter of whiskey and feel sober from the shock of losing. I remember a moment when I played without a break for a week, I did not sleep, did not eat, only drank alcohol and smoked every minute. On such a wave, we forget about ourselves at all, that we are killing ourselves financially, and also our health goes into the background.

The fatal day comes when we run out of money and have a terrible hangover, we go into a severe depression. The world is simply gray, people are a mass we don’t even see around us. We need only one thing, to get even and calm our nervous system. When new money comes in, everything goes in a circle all over again, alcohol, gambling, and everything starts all over again.

Beat gambling for a while

The best option is to limit communication with people who are in this subject, do not look at such people, just do not even let them close. Take up sports, it will really help to regain all the strength and feel the fresh air of life. If you have any mail, which receive a proposal to start gambling, delete them, forget the passwords about them, make it so that you have no way to return and recharge your account. If it’s offline, just never go to these gambling places under any pretext. Go to the best restaurant and buy something very expensive and delicious.

Your brain will begin to be reborn in reality and understanding that gambling will solve absolutely nothing in your life. If you have a significant other, do everything to make her happy, try for her, make her a queen. If you have children, all the more devote your time to their offspring, so they will be proud of you and be happy. Create comfort, look for excitement in business and business relationships. Build something useful for everyone and yourself. Start loving yourself a lot and realize that your time is worthy of much more and the best in this life.

I sincerely wish everyone success.

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