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Today our review gives you a slot from online casinos – Crazy Time.

What is a slot Crazy Time?

Crazy Time slot is not just a casino slot. It is a whole adventure in which large numbers of people participate every day. This slot is a sort of casino classic.

It is Crazy Time that always makes it to the top of the best slot games.

The game is led by a croupier, who creates an even deeper saturation with the atmosphere of a real casino.

What is the main difference from other slots has Crazy Time?

This game service has different bonus sectors. All of these sectors give separate mini-games. All of these mini-games usually bring people some pretty tasty winnings.

The essence of the slot

The main points in the slot Crazy Time is as follows:

  • The drum is always divided into 8 groups.
  • Basically, one group is the winnings multiplier ( 1x to 10x).
  • Betting is done both on one or many cells. It is important that for each cell a different deposit can be placed.
  • The croupier will accept the bets of all participants and only then begins to spin the drum.
  • In parallel with the croupier there is a video slot. This video slot gives a multiplier to the random sector. It is important to remember that the multiplier is activated only when both the sector and the multiplier are horizontally the same. If this does not happen, then, of course, the multiplier will not be active.
  • After all these actions, the drum finishes its rotation. The winner is the one who guessed what to bet.

The history of your winnings will be available in the lower right corner of the monitor. You can always safely watch the game in Crazy Time. You can just watch, you do not have to register and make a deposit.

What bonuses are there?

This game has four main bonuses. All of these gifts represent a unique mini-game. These bonuses are as follows:

  • Kesh Hunt
  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip.
  • Crazy Time

What’s the difference between these bonus minigames in Crazy Time?

Their difference is characterized by the different number of sectors per reel. Kesh Hunt and Pachinko occupy two sectors. The Coin Flip takes up four sectors. Crazy Time takes up one sector. That is, we can say that the Crazy Time bonus rolls less often than all others.

Now we will tell you in detail about each mini game.

Mini game Cash Hunt

A field of 108 cells with a different multiplier for each cell. You are given time and must choose one. At the end you will hear a beep notifying you of the final winning amount.

Mini game Pachinko

After dropping Pachinko, you will have a wall with a lot of spears. At the bottom you will see 16 values. These values in Crazy Time are bonuses. At this time the croupier will launch a ball, which will determine the amount of your winnings. This ball will give an indication of your assigned winnings or losses. This is usually a multiplier of 100x.

Mini game Coin Flip

You will have two circles on the screen – red and blue. These are where your winnings multiplier is determined. A toss of a chip of these colors is made. The side which fell out means losing or winning. The multiplier is 100x.

Crazy Time Mini Game

If you get a Crazy Time, the dealer will throw you into the room with the big wheel. Then you have to choose one of the 3 marks on top of the reel. You need to catch multipliers a maximum number of times. The maximum multiplier is 20k.

What about the video slot?

If you get a bonus on the mini-game, it will increase to its face value. I’ll tell you a secret, the bonus is very tasty.

Other important information about Crazy Time

  1. Video slot – the maximum multiplier is 50x.
  2. For a single bet in Crazy Time you can catch up to 20k multiplier.
  3. You can bet from 10 rubles.
  4. You might get lucky and win 500x of the bet.

How is this slot different from its competitors?

  1. You have a chat room to communicate with people and croupiers.
  2. Winnings can be larger than in other slots.
  3. You will have a betting multiplier before each spin.
  4. You can bet on all sectors at once to cover your costs.
  5. Good atmosphere and the feeling of a real game in a real casino.
  6. High RTP (96.08%).

These are the main differences that has a Crazy Time slot.

Where can I play?

It’s best to play at licensed casinos – services. The best quality Crazy Time and real bonuses only at licensed casinos.

Answers to basic questions about this slot

What is the minimum bet for Crazy Time?

  • 10 rubles.

Is there any chat in Crazy Time?

  • Yes, there is a chat with people and croupiers.

What does the stats in the interface say?

  • Your results of winning the last game.

What is a game number?

  • This number shows the uniqueness of the game by Greenwich – hours, minutes and seconds.

What kind of performance does a multi-game mode have?

  • That’s when you don’t want to stay on track. You have the opportunity to play several tables at once.

Is there an autogame?

  • Yes, of course it is possible.

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